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MAGNUS protests!

The new protest song/video  C O N T R O L  is clear!

With his protest song CONTROL, MAGNUS refers to perhaps the biggest problem our time. Few people want control over many people. Any means seem to be acceptable to them for this purpose. The world has never been so close to the abyss as this time. Is it really still about a virus or is it about total control? Why do governments force people to do something they don't want?


Why do democratic values ​​break down with massive violence against the population? With this song CONTROL and the music video, MAGNUS is once again setting a strong example after its two last protest songs "WAKE UP"

and "TIME TO CHANGE". The text is clear and the images speak a clear language.The recordings of the demonstrations in the video are authentic from events in 2020/21. Investigative journalists and whistleblowers have made this material available to MAGNUS. That's why this music video is more authentic than ever before.

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